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Practise English on art-related topics.
Investigate art forms of the present-day trends.
Get in tune with the intricate and lavish flow of art.
Push your boundaries to much broader extremes in terms of comprehending contemporary art.

   Who it is for

  • Fascinated by the idea of learning English via the art environment?
  • Want to enhance your English vocabulary on art-related topics?
  • Eager to practise giving talks and public speeches in English?
  • Challenging new dimensions of your own personality?
  • Looking for a possibility to get hands-on experience in self-expression and self-investigation through different creative activities?
  • Ready for these and more challenges?

Join us to learn, grow, and develop with art!


Public speaking

Watching videos about art 

Improvisational drama etudes 

Writing reviews on art objects

Debates and discussions

Self-investigating by means of art forms  

Reporting your researches into art 

Experiments with different materials 

Major aims

  1. Practise your English speaking and listening skills
  2. Enhance your vocabulary
  3. Acquire skills on public speaking 
  4. Be aware of your body language and use it to a full extent in your talks, performances, speeches
  5. Develop both critical and lateral thinking 
  6. Work on long-term projects and conduct research both individually and in groups of interests
  7. Discover your new talents and creative abilities 
  8. Draw new inspirations and develop a net of great connections 

Follow us on facebook and check the schedule and location.
Register and pay 250 UAH in advance or
300 UAH on the day of event.

Want to learn English for Art?
Take a course in Contemporary Art English.


тел.: +38 099 797 46 79
                +38 068 934 51 24

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